Nature’s Toilet Is Not Natural

  • 2014•11•19     Thomson Reuters Foundation

    Excerpt from the Thomson Reuters Foundation article by UNU Senior Research Fellow Dr. Corinne Schuster-Wallace:

    “How many have euphemistically referred to “answering the call of nature” before going in search of a clean, well lit toilet, with soap and water to be able to clean up afterwards?

    The reality for 2.5 billion people is very different. And for 1 billion people, or one in every six, the reality is that nature is their only toilet – they practice what we refer to as open defecation. This reality is why 1.8 million people die unnecessarily of diarrhoea every year.

    This reality is why girls and female teachers miss up to a week of school a month because of lack of proper toilet facilities for menstrual hygiene practices. This is the reality where privacy and dignity are sought and not found. This is the reality where women and girls increase potential exposure to violence and sexual assault.”