Japanese delegation to visit 3 Indian cities

  • 2014•09•10     The Times of India

    Excerpt from the article by Roli Srivastava:

    While there is a feeling in business circles to ‘wait and watch’ to see if Modi actually delivers on his assurances, experts note that the India-Japan future looks good for now, and not just because of the warm body language Modi and Abe shared. “There were symbolic things during their meeting such as Abe going out of his way to meet Modi and I would agree the summit was successful. Opening up of economic relations is the key take away from the meet,“ said Anthony Yezaky , research fellow, Centre for Policy Research, United Nations University, Tokyo.

    Yezaky , who is co-editing a book on policy recommendations for India-Japan relations, which would focus on economic security among other subjects, says the optimism for a robust future is rooted in the “details that were discussed during the interactions“ between the two prime ministers.