G-7: Talk or Meaningful Action?

  • 2016•05•24     The Japan TImes

    Excerpt from the Japan Times article by UNU Rector David M. Malone:

    Yet in a connected world, where almost all threats are cross-border, nations can no longer just go it alone; they need to find ways to work with each other — to be multilateral, rather than unilateral. And the Group of Seven meeting at Ise-Shima this week is an enabler of such international cooperation.

    The G-7 would be wise to recognize that it is Eurocentric, and that the global balance of power has shifted in a way that requires the members of the G-7 to work with non-members to change the world. But that fact should not permit them to shirk the responsibility of being the world’s richest and most powerful countries — to support the world in managing security threats. I see three key categories that cause concern.