Calls Grow at UN for Security Council to Do Its Job: Keep the Peace


  • 2015•10•23     The New York Times

    An excerpt from the article by Somini Sengupta:

    The United Nations Security Council, which commemorated its 70th anniversary on Friday, is under mounting pressure from the broader membership of the United Nations, civil society groups, former United Nations officials, and even some members of the Council itself to do what it is supposed to do: maintain global peace and security.

    David M. Malone, a veteran Canadian diplomat and now rector of United Nations University, calls it “a crisis of relevance.”

    Mr. Malone said the Council had grown “increasingly sclerotic” in the way it conducts business.

    In a new book of essays that he helped edit, Mr. Malone said the permanent members “are criticized ever more loudly by the membership at large and circle the wagons around their own privileges, some enshrined in the U.N. Charter, others invented through practice over the years.”