Sustainable Development Goal 4

Quality Education

Education underpins sustainable development: access to education empowers individuals to break the cycle of poverty, fosters peace by building tolerance among cultures, and promotes gender equality. 

As an educational institution, UNU inherently focuses on creating equal and open learning opportunities that advance global development. Our Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) project contributes to effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals by fostering learning networks among regional and local ESD initiatives, and by using ESD to bridge science and policy in higher education. Our natural resources and biotechnology training programmes provide unmatched educational opportunities for professionals from developing countries, enabling them to effectively influence policy and resource management decisions when they return home.

UN Photo/Kibae Park


Maty Konte


"A better educated population is associated with a healthier population, greater productivity, more equality, and stronger legitimacy of democratic values. Yet recent investments in education have not been translated into better quality of education in Africa. My research at UNU looks at how different aspects of governance may shape policies and actions for achieving SDG 4 in Africa."

Fumiko Noguchi


"Sustainability challenges have multiple causes and require collective, localised efforts to find solutions. I want to empower local communities to learn and to take action for self- and social transformation. My research investigates how community members learn and create knowledge for sustainability, and identifies what approaches and policies support them to do so."

Demetrios Sarantis


"Government operations depend on application of emerging technologies. My research at UNU helps cover educational needs in e-government while providing local governments with the appropriate tools to help them integrate emerging technologies and innovations. "


Education for Sustainable Development

This project manages a series of capacity development and leadership training programmes designed to spur knowledge generation to inform policy that enables global sustainable development.

Biotechnology and Development

This project aims to promote the use of biotechnology to achieve sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean. It does so by training young researchers on the latest techniques and technologies, enabling them to make breakthroughs and solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

Strengthening Research to Achieve the SDGs in Tanzania

The main objective of this project is to undertake collaborative research aimed at informing the development and implementation of policies towards economic transformation and sustainable development in Tanzania and the East African region.