Sustainable Development Goal 3

Good Health and Well-being

Access to good health and well-being is a human right and the foundation of human prosperity. Although significant progress has been made in improving the health of billions of people since 2000, major hurdles remain — particularly in developing countries, where women and children are most vulnerable. 

UNU’s health-related research untangles the growing social, economic, and environmental complexity that threatens to outpace the ability of governments and communities to manage the well-being of their citizens. Because more than half of the world’s population now reside in cities, we focus on urban health governance to stem the rise of non-communicable disease, respond to the emergence of global pathogens, and diminish the human health tolls of natural disasters. Our work assesses key elements of healthy development to ensure that they are reinforced by health policy.


Lavanya Vijayasingham


"Unfortunately, one's gender and income level still influence their access to healthcare. My research uses an interdisciplinary and intersectoral lens to tackle the ways gender and gender inequality impact health access, universal health coverage, healthcare financing, and global health programming."

Claudia Abreu Lopes


"My research at UNU looks at how digital technologies contribute to reducing gender disparities and promote health and well-being for all."

Michaella Vanore


"Mobility is an important strategy for people across the globe to increase and use their skills, to find decent work, and to support better health and well-being. Migration cuts across a number of SDGs, and my work stimulates policy systems to better support the pro-development potential of migration for all."


Managing Water-Related Health Risks

Millions of people around the world are negatively affected by lack of access to clean water and proper sanitation and hygiene — especially during humanitarian crises. This project aims to support policymaking to build more resilient healthcare systems.

Evidence, Policy, and Interventions for COVID-19

The UNU Evidence, Policy, and Interventions for COVID-19 Tracker (EPIC Tracker) is a comprehensive online inventory of the health, economic, social, and community measures taken to address COVID-19 across all countries. These measures include government policies and public sector interventions whose impacts are felt across all levels of society.

Gender and Health Policy Hub

The Gender and Health Policy Hub, coordinated by the UNU International Institute for Global Health, is building a foundation to co-produce evidence that informs and supports global, regional, and national action on gender and health in substantial, innovative, and disruptive ways.