Sustainable Development Goal 17

Partnerships for the Goals

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is a shared, universal call-to-action for all countries to ensure that no one is left behind. Partnership is the foundation for success; collaboration and support between the private sector, governments at all levels, and civil society are essential to understand and act on development shortfalls.

Through our global network of research institutes, UNU is an active partner with academia, international agencies, government ministries, civil society, and the private sector. With expertise in every area of the SDGs, we work as a convener of development stakeholders. The Dresden Nexus Conference platform, for example, advances the SDGs by bringing actors together to apply an integrated, cross-disciplinary approach to environmental resources management. And our research focusing on sustainable development governance contributes to near-term SDG implementation and long-term policy frameworks for sustainability.

UNMISS / Eric Kanalstein


Eleonora Nillesen


“Sustainable development is inclusive development. Weak formal institutions and persistent traditional norms exclude millions of people from participation in economic, political, and social life. This exacerbates poverty, inequality, and sympathies for extremist views and behaviour. Through my research on these topics I contribute to developing effective policies and programmes for a sustainable, inclusive world.”

Jukka Pirttilä


“Not all households have family members that can work, which makes building social safety nets vital. But to finance social programmes, tax revenue becomes important. This is why I am building tax-benefit microsimulation models, which are tailor-made tools to examine the impacts of expanding social protection in developing countries. ”

Mathew Kurian

Mathew Kurian


“To achieve the SDGs, we must step out of our silos and work together across disciplines. My work at UNU bridges the divide between science and policy. Strong research can, and should, inform decision-making at all levels.”


Dresden Nexus Conference

The Dresden Nexus Conference is a biennial event that focuses on advancing the global sustainable development agenda by bringing actors together to collaborate on the Nexus Approach to resource management. The next conference is slated for 2019.

Governance for Sustainable Development

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals can only be reached if they inspire effective efforts to achieve them. This project directly addresses the policymaking process needed to support the successful achievement of the SDGs.

Government Revenue Dataset

Developing countries increasingly seek to raise domestic revenue through taxation. But one hurdle to this is that consistent data on revenues across and within countries has not previously been available. The Government Revenue Dataset remedies this by providing a one-stop comprehensive source on taxation around the world, offering the opportunity for national and international policymakers to take a hard look at revenue systems.