Sustainable Development Goal 10

Reduced Inequalities

Overcoming inequality is at the heart of the Sustainable Development Goals. While major progress has been made on poverty reduction, more than 75 per cent of households in developing countries live in societies with greater income inequality than in the 1990s. But balancing income levels must be addressed alongside other inequalities, such as those based on disability, gender, race, and religion. 

Without a clear baseline regarding the current state of global inequality, policy and action become less effective. UNU research is building comprehensive databases to inform policymakers and governments of where, why, and to what extent global income inequality exists. Our work on migration, gender, and health is uncovering the social and political dynamics that drive inequality, so that policy and social support systems can respond to persistent and emerging trends.


Hannah Thinyane


“The exploitation of migrant workers, particularly in hazardous, and low-wage situations, is a central concern in many countries. I am passionate about investigating and inventing information and communication technologies that allow migrant workers to enhance their structural empowerment, human dignity, and physical integrity, in order to positively impact their conditions of work.”

Rachel Gisselquist

Rachel Gisselquist


“Inequality matters. It’s not only a question of justice and fairness, but also of links to other global goals such as poverty and peace. In my work on ethnic inequality, I consider how inequality and diversity intersect around the world, the implications for governance and development, and how greater equality can be achieved.”

Carlos Gradin


“Economic inequality is bad, not only for marginalised groups, but also for the functioning of society. My research at UNU helps to better understand existing inequalities in developing countries, and to identify the necessary steps towards a more inclusive society that leaves no one behind.”


Migration and Crises

The world is experiencing an unprecedented mass displacement of people. This project examines the crises caused by migration, border, and integration policies that fall short of adequately protecting the human rights and the dignity of those on the move.

Inequality in the Giants

Global inequality has been falling in the last quarter century. However, this trend appears to have been driven entirely by convergence in gross domestic product per capita across nations. This project is shedding light on questions of between-country and within-country inequalities in India, South Africa, and Mexico.

Disadvantaged Groups and Social Mobility

Racial polarisation and horizontal inequalities are on the rise. These inequalities put developing countries at risk of economic and political instability. This project strives to understand the determinants of group-based inequalities, including the potential for change.