Greschner Farkavcová, Věra

Science Knowledge Coordinator

  • Věra Greschner Farkavcová
    UNU-FLORES, Ammonstrasse 74, Dresden, 01067, Germany
    +49 351 8921 9381

    Research Interests

    • Climate change adaptation
    • Environmental Assessment
    • Sustainable development
    • Sustainable transportation


    • Dipl.-Ing., Economics and Management of Chemical and Food Industry, Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Chemical Institute in Prague, Czech Republic (1999)


    • Research Assistant, Chair for Geomechanics, Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering, Geotechnical Institute, Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg
    • Financial Referent and Auditor in EU-Program 2007–2013 „Ziel 3 – Cil 3“ at the Sächsische Aufbaubank – Förderbank (Development Bank of Saxony)
    • Research Assistant, Chair of Business Management, esp. Sustainability Management and Environmental Accounting, Faculty of Business and Economics, TU Dresden

    Biographical Statement

    Věra Greschner Farkavcová is a Science Knowledge Coordinator at UNU-FLORES. She supports with the operational management of the Institute’s research and manages the processes within the science knowledge hub. Věra is currently also working as a Research Associate with TU Freiberg under the Chair for Geomechanics, Rock Mechanics, and Rock Engineering. Prior to this, she worked as Project Manager at Strassenbahnfreunde Chemnitz e. V. and as auditor at Sächsische Aufbaubank – Förderbank (Development Bank of Saxony). There she gained knowledge about the development of project proposals and on cross-border projects between Saxony, Czech Republic, and Poland funded by European Union programmes.

    Additionally, she has many years of experience in research on sustainability and environmental management, having served as Research Assistant at the Chair for Business Management, esp. Sustainability Management and Environmental Accounting, TU Dresden.