Nguyen, Thuy

PhD Researcher

  • Thuy Nguyen
    UNU-FLORES, Ammonstrasse 74, Dresden, 01067, Germany
    +49 351 8921 9370

    Research Interests

    • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
    • Hydrology and water resources
    • Statistical analysis
    • surface water monitoring networks
    • Waste management
    • Water quality
    • Water resource management


    • Master in Environmental Impacts and Remediation, Vrije Universität Brussels, Belgium
    • Bachelor in Hydrology, Hanoi University of Science, Vietnam

    Biographical Statement

    Thuy Nguyen is a PhD Researcher in the Waste Management Unit at UNU-FLORES. Her research at UNU-FLORES focuses on the continuous longitudinal boat-based data analysis for efficient water quality monitoring in small rivers, with the aim to analyse the efficiency and applicability of the boat-based technique for water quality monitoring and to propose a new approach for continuous longitudinal data analysis. Before joining UNU-FLORES, Thuy worked as a researcher at the Vietnam Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology and Climate Change for four years, where she specifically worked on climate change adaptation and mitigation policies and water-related issues such as the flood early warning system and water stress index for Vietnam. Thuy received her Bachelor in Hydrology at Hanoi University of Science in Vietnam and Master in Environmental Impacts and Remediation at Vrije Universität Brussels in Belgium.