Van den Brink, Susan

Research Associate

  • Susan Van den Brink
    Sustainable Cycles (SCYCLE)
    +31 6 44544535

    Research Interests

    • Human and environmental security
    • Responsible sourcing


    • MA. and MIN in Criminology, Faculty of Law, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
    • BSc. in International Development, Department of Rural Sociology, Wageningen University, the Netherlands
    • Cert. Serious Organized Crime Threat Assessment (SOCTA), INTERPOL Cert. Criminal Intelligence Analysis, Anacapa, Royal Canadian Mountain Police


    • April 2016-to date: Research Associate at UNU-VIE SCYCLE
    • April 2017-to date: PhD Candidate at the Institute of Environmental Science, Leiden University
    • July 2013- December 2015: Project Assistant/Analyst at INTERPOL, Environmental Security Sub-Directorate
    • May-August 2011: Resource assignment at INTERPOL, Environmental Security Sub-Directorate

    Biographical Statement

    Susan van den Brink is a research associate at United Nations University (SCYCLE) since April 2016. She has worked on several projects, including on the project ‘Development of tools to counter the illegal trade in waste’ (DOTCOM Waste), in which her activities were to develop a training needs assessment and a training toolkit for enforcement authorities. In the project Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials (FORAM) she has worked on mapping and analysis of initiatives on raw materials and assisted with enhancing stakeholder dialogues. Since April 2017 Susan is a PhD candidate at the Institute of Environmental Science of Leiden University. Her research focusses on the development of a unified certification for sustainable (environmental, social and financial) sourcing of minerals in Europe. She will examine how to take a more dynamic approach towards certification and how certification can enable traceability and transparency in the supply chain, from production to processing and transport of minerals. From 2013 to 2016 she worked at the INTERPOL Environmental Security department. There, she carried out tactical, operational and strategic analysis in the field of pollution crime. She has completed several training courses in criminal intelligence analysis provided by INTERPOL and the Royal Canadian Mountain Police. Her work resulted in the publication of analytical reports that were disseminated among the member countries. She assisted with the organization and coordination of international and inter-agency law enforcement operations, amongst which Operation Enigma, targeting the illegal trade in waste. Ms van den Brink completed her B.Sc. in International Development at Wageningen University during which she studied the management of natural resources and sustainable development and her minor and MA in Criminology in 2012 at Utrecht University with a specialization in green criminology.