Guppy, Lisa

Project Officer

  • Lisa Guppy

    Biographical Statement

    Lisa has experience in all parts of the disaster/development cycle. She has worked in humanitarian response in Africa, Asia and the Middle East; she has also worked and undertaken research in Sustainable Development in Australia and South-east Asia. She has worked in Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) from a headquarters perspective in Geneva, Switzerland and also in Early Recovery from Geneva.  Lisa also has around ten years’ professional experience in project management around water management and water science.  She has a broad understanding of water in developed and developing countries. As part of these two roles, Lisa has long experience undertaking results-oriented research in humanitarian and rural development contexts. Alongside this Lisa has specialisation in analysis, including spatial analysis, and monitoring and evaluation – all as part of information management and analysis roles conducted in emergency  response in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.