Mosello, Beatrice

Senior Fellow (Non-Resident)

  • Beatrice Mosello

    Research Interests

    • Climate & disaster risk management
    • Climate Change and Environmentally Induced Migration
    • Climate Change and Natural Resources Management
    • Climate-security
    • Conflict Prevention
    • Conflict resolution
    • Gender
    • Migrants and social inclusion


    • Doctorate in International Studies - The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva
    • Master of Science in Political Science – The Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

    Biographical Statement

    Dr Beatrice Mosello is a Senior Fellow (Non-Resident) at United Nations University Centre for Policy Research and a Senior Advisor at adelphi where she specializes in climate diplomacy and natural resource governance.

    Dr Mosello’s work to date has involved researching and developing climate- and conflict-sensitive approaches to development and humanitarian programming in fragile contexts across Central Asia, the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, sub-Saharan Africa, and Latin America. She has also developed, facilitated and implemented training events for various target groups, including senior government officials, company executives, researchers and civil society.

    Before joining adelphi, Dr Mosello was a Senior Associate at Critical Resource, where she advised mining and energy companies and investors on political, stakeholder and sustainability risks. Prior to this, she was a research fellow at the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) where she was responsible for research and advisory work in the fields of water and natural resource governance for sustainable and climate-resilient development.

    Dr Mosello completed a Doctorate in International Studies at the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva, where she was awarded a distinction for her thesis on climate change adaptation in the water sector in Central Asia.