Narvaez, Liliana

Research Associate

UNU Publications
  • Liliana Narvaez
    Environmental Vulnerability & Ecosystem Services Section (EVES)

    Research Interests

    • Ecosystem based approaches for Disaster Risk Reduction (Eco-DRR) and Adaptation (EbA)
    • Volcano Risk Management
    • Vulnerability of Social-Ecological Systems


    • M.Sc. Geography of Environmental Risk and Human Security, United Nations University (UNU-EHS) & University of Bonn. Germany
    • B.Sc. Geology, University of Caldas. Colombia

    Biographical Statement

    Liliana Narvaez is a Colombian Geologist who graduated from University of Caldas (Manizales, Colombia) and holds a Master of Science on Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security from University of Bonn & United Nations University (Bonn, Germany).

    Before joining as a Research Associate of the Environmental Vulnerability & Ecosystem Services (EVES) section at UNU-EHS, Liliana worked as a Research Assistant of the Global Mountain Safeward Research (GLOMOS) project, a joint initiative between EURAC Research & UNU-EHS. Previously, she worked for more than 6 years as a Disaster Risk Management specialist in several projects in Colombia and Panama. She was part of a scientific team assessing natural processes, including geological, geomorphological and climatic threats, analyzing exposed areas and potential losses and damages. She began her career with the Colombian Geological Service (SGC), working on volcanic hazard evaluation, disaster risk communication and risk reduction initiatives at national and local levels, including small rural communities and indigenous peoples. Additionally, she completed an internship with the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in the Regional Office for Mexico, Central American and The Caribbean (ORMACC), based in Costa Rica. This internship focused on climate change adaptive capacities assessments under the Ecosystem Based Adaptation (EbA) approach. Her master thesis addressed the role of agency during the building process of adaptive capacities to water availability in a small coastal area in El Salvador.

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