Moure, Mar

Junior Researcher

  • Mar Moure
    Vulnerability Assessment, Risk Management & Adaptive Planning Section (VARMAP)
    Mexico, Spain

    Research Interests

    • Behavior under uncertainty
    • Climate change adaptation
    • Disaster risk reduction
    • Food security
    • Risk perception


    • M.Sc. Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security in Germany, United Nations University and University of Bonn
    • M.A. Intercultural Relations and International Cooperation in France, University of Lille III
    • B.A. International Relation in Mexico, University of Quintana Roo
    • B.A. English Language, minor in translation and French in Mexico, University of Quintana Roo

    Biographical Statement

    Mar Moure holds a MSc. in Geography of Environmental Risks and Human Security and a MA in Intercultural Relations and International Cooperation. She joined the UNU-EHS first as a Master student, then as a Student Assistant and now she works as a Junior Researcher. In her work, Mar has been involved in multiple research projects with different thematic and geographic foci: Tipping Points of Food Security in West Africa, global analysis of Future Risk based on country NAPs, policy coherence in Mexico, and Transformative Sustainability in Latin America. Prior to joining UNU, Mar worked in education, community development, conservation and climate change adaptation, for UN agencies, local and international NGOs, schools and private companies in Mexico, Nicaragua and France. Currently, her main scientific interest revolves around questions that integrate behavioral science insights for the prevention and reduction of risks, and the achievement of sustainable adaptive behaviors.