Workshop for Online (Senior) Communities

  • DATE / TIME:
    2013•05•22    10:00 - 16:00

    Senior citizens represent an increasingly vital and active part of our societies. Yet few organizations have recognized this demographic shift, and fewer still have reached out to this group to ensure their social inclusion, via new technologies for example.

    New technologies play an increasingly important role in daily life, and offer senior citizens many opportunities for socializing and communicating, particularly via online communities. However, many elderly people fear or misunderstand technology, preventing them from engaging online with friends, peers and services.

    In an effort to address these challenges, the Collaborative Creativity Group at UNU-MERIT is hosting an “Open Workshop for Online (Senior) Communities” on 22 May 2013. This workshop, organized by the Third Age Online project, aims to develop new strategies to promote, brand and market online communities for senior citizens, and will examine strategies of managing the volunteers who support these online communities and senior learning centres. Additionally, the workshop aims to network with various organizations and participants that offer IT learning or online communities for senior citizens.

    For more information on this event please visit the UNU-MERIT website.