Making News Out of Foreign Aid

  • DATE / TIME:
    2013•06•24    14:00 - 15:30

    As part of the 2013 World Conference of Science Journalists (WCSJ), UNU-WIDER will host a workshop on how to make news out of foreign aid.

    This workshop will provide journalists with conceptual tools for understanding and reporting on the impact of foreign aid on development in different themes, ranging from economic growth at the macro level to the consequences of specific interventions (for instance, in the sectors of health and education). This is a complex subject, where critical reporting needs to be illuminated by some basic scientific knowledge.

    Participants will be able to draw upon the latest findings in development economics regarding data and methods for measuring impact, and use the implications in their own journalistic work.

    An introduction to the central findings in the research project ReCom: Research and Communications on Foreign Aid by UNU-WIDER director Finn Tarp will provide an opportunity for open discussion about the many misconceptions and myths regarding foreign aid. Thereafter, the workshop will deal with specific findings from an African country by a local researcher involved in the ReCom project.

    For more information, see the workshop announcement on the WCSJ2013 website.

  • University of Helsinki