Ecosystem Services of Traditional Agriculture and Forestry in Mountainous Areas

  • DATE / TIME:
    2013•10•11    09:30 - 15:45

    This workshop at UNU Headquarters in Tokyo is part of the programme of the Project Workshop on “REDD+ for Forest Communities: Learning from Forest Conservation in Laos and Thailand”.

    Many traditional agro-ecosystems in fragile mountain ecosystems embrace biodiversity and multiple ecosystem services (erosion prevention, hazard regulation, etc) for production of nutritional food and protection of rural livelihoods. However, neglect of the ecosystem services of agriculture over the past few decades have resulted in development and expansion of industrial agriculture with a narrow focus on commodity production. While the industrialization of agriculture with intensive use of inputs has increased food production, it has reduced agrobiodiversity and compromised the ability of agro-ecosystems to regulate natural hazards, prevent erosion and mitigate climate change.

    This workshop will include a keynote speech by UNU Senior Vice-Rector Prof. Kazuhiko Takeuchi and will bring together experts from China, India, Japan, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand to review co-benefits of carbon and biodiversity in traditional mountain agriculture and forestry and discuss potential approaches, including REDD+ to enhance ecosystem services and sustainability of mountain agriculture in future.

    The workshop is open to public, but only on invitation basis for until seating is filled. For more information, including a programme, see the workshop announcement on the UNU-ISP website.