Business Process Management in Healthcare

  • DATE / TIME:
    2013•09•17    08:45 - 17:30
    Kuala Lumpur

    Healthcare delivery organizations, such as hospitals and clinics, are facing the challenges in delivering quality services to patients at a reasonable cost. The increasing costs for dealing with chronic diseases and the need for personalized healthcare are examples of prevalent trends in this information-rigorous area. The developing condition demands a change in the way that healthcare is delivered to patients and healthcare processes are managed. Business process management (BPM) provides a role to materialize these changes.

    This one-day Business Process Management in Healthcare Workshop will bring together practitioners and researchers to debate the challenges, paradigms and tools for the process to support optimization in healthcare environments. The objectives of this workshop are to:

    • introduce the fundamental concepts of business process management in healthcare,
    • promote awareness of business process management in healthcare advantages and benefits, and
    • develop healthcare professionals expertise in managing their business process management.

    For more information, including the workshop schedule and fee, please see the Upcoming Event page on the UNU-IIGH website.

  • UNU-IIGH Building, UKM Medical Center
    Jalan Yaacob Latiff
    56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

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