Biodiplomacy and Relevance to Green Economy Discourses


  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•12•07    10:30 - 13:30

    Issues related to global environmental change are no longer considered irrelevant to the development agenda. Damages to production activities due to rise in vulnerabilities from degraded ecosystems and environments can no longer be ignored. The global appetite for natural resources to feed long production and consumption chains has resulted in mega-footprints of industries and nations.

    The call for us as global citizens to identify and chart a course towards a Future We Want, aimed towards sustainable development, is a call to all nations to reflect and incorporate necessary steps that address social integrity, economic aspirations and ecological surety within and beyond their jurisdictions. This implies fostering ethical practice and equity in transactions in the access and use of natural resources, which have diplomatic ramifications.

    This roundtable will provide an opportunity for delegates from the diplomatic corps in Japan to interact on issues related to the interaction of biological and social systems at various levels of governance, and associated development challenges and opportunities. Discussions will also focus on strategies to capitalize on resource and knowledge assets within and between countries in the regions.

    This event is restricted to members of the diplomatic corps and UNU students/facultyFor further information, please contact UNU-IAS at or 045-221-2300.


    Elizabeth Rose Hall
    United Nations University