Innovation and Sustainability in Education


  • DATE / TIME:

    UNU-IIST is co-organizing the 1st International Symposium on “Innovation and Sustainability in Education” to be held in Thessaloniki, Greece. The aim of the symposium is to bring together educators, researchers and policymakers who are interested in investigating innovative and sustainable models, methodologies and tools for any level of education.

    The symposium will focus on papers that propose approaches to introduce and sustain innovation in educational systems, including:

    • formal and informal learning processes;
    • online collaborative learning, peer-production and involvement in real world projects;
    • areas and contexts presenting particular challenging aspects, such as training in usage of computer and technological tools for aged or unwilling learners, education of communities who are geographically distributed or live in remote areas, inclusion of people with temporary or permanent disabilities, learning in complex domains (e.g., mathematical/formal principles, methodologies and techniques) and/or with critical target users (e.g., students or practitioners with limited background);
    • technology-enhanced learning;
    • the use of educational systems and methodologies in applications that address problems of sustainable development, such as poverty reduction.

    The symposium will feature an invited talk and contributed paper presentations.

    For more information and to register please see the InSUEdu 2012 website.