Where the Rain Falls: COP18 Side Event

  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•11•28    20:15 - 21:45

    “Where the Rain Falls”:

    An Innovative Study on Climate Change, Food Insecurity and Migration in Global South

    Rainfall variability and food insecurity are key drivers for human mobility. The results of empirical research — carried out by CARE and the United Nations University in eight countries in Asia (Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Viet Nam), Africa (Ghana, Tanzania) and Latin America (Guatemala, Peru) —will be launched at the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha,  Qatar.

    The findings are based on a 1,300 household survey and participatory research sessions involving 2,000 individuals. It further models future migration in Tanzania under different rainfall scenarios for 2014–2040.

    Participants will include:

    • Dr. Koko Warner, Scientific director, Where the Rain Falls, UNU
    • Fredua Agyeman, Director of Environment, Ministry of Environment, Science & Technology, Republic of Ghana
    • Kevin Henry, Project Coordinator, Where the Rain Falls, CARE France
    • Dr. Ashan Uddin Ahmed, Executive Director, Centre for Global Change, Bangladesh
    • Dominica Adam, Environmental Project Manager, Group Corporate Responsibility, The AXA Group

    This event is sponsored by CARE, UNU and the Government of the Republic of Ghana

    Materials are available at www.wheretherainfalls.org. Or visit the UNU and CARE booths in Doha.

    For more information, please contact Dr. Alice Fišer, Head of Communications at UNU, Bonn (fiser@vie.unu.edu; 00974-66470593 (local cell phone)) or Kimberly Bennett, Communications Coordinator, CARE France (bennett@carefrance.org).

  • Side event room 2
    Qatar National Convention Centre