Water Storage and Hydropower as Drivers for Sustainable Development

  • DATE / TIME:
    2015•08•23    14:00 - 15:30

    Water reservoirs and hydropower have been drivers of economic development in many regions. However, they have sometimes primarily served specific sectors (e.g., industry) and/or delivered services largely to urban centres while negative aspects, such as relocation, loss of land, reduced environmental flow, etc., have been mainly borne by local communities near reservoirs and populations in downstream countries. In addition, management schemes can sometimes follow sectoral needs without considering other water uses.

    As part of 2015 World Water Week, this seminar will examine how reservoirs and hydropower need to be developed and managed by adopting a nexus approach in order to become drivers of truly sustainable development. This implies considering essential ecosystem services and the close inter-linkages of water, energy, food and all respective actors.

    The seminar will examine how reservoirs can deliver hydropower for sustainable energy (also considering energy storage for integration with other renewables), while at the same time serving the needs for the secure supply of water for human consumption, agriculture, industry, navigation, the environment and managing floods and droughts. The challenge is to develop and adopt integrated management and governance strategies for water storage infrastructure, operation and maintenance. How to address this challenge will be a major theme of the seminar.

    For more information and an updated programme, visit the seminar page on the 2015 World Water Week website.