The Role of Citizen Science in Water Quality Monitoring

  • DATE / TIME:
    2020•07•20    14:50 - 16:20

    Attempts to monitor the quality of freshwater resources on a global scale have unveiled huge data gaps. To help address these gaps, practitioners are increasingly calling for citizens to take an active role in the process and complement the use of other sources such as remote sensing. However, the participation of citizens in water quality monitoring is also a controversial issue, given that non-professional may, for example, lack appropriate know-how and skills in monitoring.

    The Nexus Seminar Series, co-organised by UNU-FLORES and PRISMA – Centre for Sustainability Assessment and Policy (on behalf of TU Dresden) features lectures by senior scholars that highlight all dimensions of research on the Nexus Approach, ranging from hands-on implementation strategies to theoretical debates. Taking place once a month, these seminars are open to the public.

    The July 2020 Nexus Seminar (which will take place online) will feature Dr Sabrina Kirschke, UNU-FLORES Senior Research Associate, speaking on the topic of “The Role of Citizen Science in Water Quality Monitoring”.

    For more information, see the seminar announcement on the UNU-FLORES website.