The Development Style of Open Source Software, and Business Enterprises


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    2012•09•07    12:30 - 13:30

    The development style of open source software is a process in which software code is developed on the Internet-based open network with the participation of a number of developers, software engineers and also business enterprises. The developed software including the source code is released to the public, and can be freely modified, improved and re-distributed. Originally open source software has been developed in this kind of community-based participation.

    However, in proportion to the market expansion of open source, the gravity of business enterprises to the development process of open source has been increasing. Their motivation is to raise their own productivity by the leverage effect, participating in this process. So, we first try lateral approach from the innovation factor of business enterprises. And, we propound the methodology how to estimate the productivity of business enterprises which use open source and contribute to the development process of open source.

    About the speaker

    Tetsuo Noda has worked for Shimane University as a researcher of Economics. He graduated from the graduate school of Hitotsubashi University in Japan in 1991. He is now studying and teaching the economic influence of the information technology, at Shimane University. He is presenting some study papers on the relation between open source development style and the productivity in information service industries at academic societies domestically and internationally. And he is leading the collaborative research of stabilization and the upgrade of OSS centering on Ruby as the Shimane University’s project research. Terutaka Tansho has worked for Shimane University as a researcher and industrial liaison at the collaboration center since 2006. He graduated from Nagoya University (M.A.) and Kyushu University (MBA). His current research topics involve FLOSS and business model, business incubation and entrepreneurship development, and industry-academia collaboration. With regards to the FLOSS, he published several study papers together with Prof. Noda. He is an active member of FLOSS movement in Matsue and Shimane, served as the secretary general of Open Source Society Shimane from 2007 to 2010. He also works as a coordinator to connect university-based research with local industries in Shimane. Liming Cai graduated from LiaoNing University in China in 2007, and studied at the graduate school of Shimane University. Her master’s thesis is eDevelopment Style of Open Source Software and Innovation of Business Enterprisesf. She is now working as a research worker at OSS project research of Shimane University.


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