Migration & Development in the Asia-Pacific: An Australian Perspective


  • DATE / TIME:
    2014•04•16    12:30 - 13:30

    Migration seminar: “Migration and Development in the Asia-Pacific: An Australian Perspective”

    This seminar will feature Graeme Hugo of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre, University of Adelaide.

    He will present a paper which argues that while the main drivers of economic development in the Asia-Pacific region will be sound development policy and good governance, migration can play a facilitating role at a national, but especially at a regional level within countries.

    The paper discusses the role of the demographic dividend and Asia-Pacific youth bulges in assisting development in the region and the potential role of migration in that context. It examines the evidence that migration has delivered development advantages to sending countries and regions through analysis of the effects of remittances, diaspora, interactions and return movements.

    While there also is evidence of brain drain effects having negative impacts, the paper nevertheless concludes that the potential positive effects of emigration on sending countries are being diluted because of poor quality governance of migration systems in the region. These include excessive rent taking at all stages of the migration process, corruption, lack of capacity in migration management and exploitation.

    The final part of the paper addresses the important issue of what needs to be done if the full potential of international migration to deliver development dividends to sending countries to the region is to be taken advantage of. A role for Australia in this is also discussed.

    For more information, see the Future Events page on the UNU-MERIT website.

    About the speaker

    Graeme Hugo is an ARC Australian Professorial Fellow, Professor of Geography and Director of the Australian Population and Migration Research Centre at the University of Adelaide. He has held a number of positions with Federal Government Agencies and Committees, and currently is on the Australian Statistical Advisory Committee.