Intellectual Property, Innovation and R&D

  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•12•12    12:30 - 13:30

    Joint UNU-MERIT/Maastricht School of Governance Seminar: “Intellectual Property, Innovation and R&D in the Global Environment”

    In today’s modern world, economic development is dependent on new ideas and new technologies that can fundamentally change the way we live, and further improve the quality of our lives. Research and development plays a critical role for the success of companies large and small.

    In this seminar, Ben Wang (Unilever Research and Development Center, Shanghai) will share his experience in working with technology companies from across the globe in developing technologies, and effectively protecting them through intellectual property (IP) rights. The role of the IP counsel is discussed, and how the IP counsel can add to the synergy between IP, R&D, and business goals.

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    About the speaker

    Ben Wang is Head of Patents for the Unilever Research and Development Center in Shanghai, one of Unilever’s global innovation centers. He previously had been practicing law in California for over ten years, providing strategic IP counseling for clients ranging from VC-funded Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 500 companies in the US, Europe and China. He is also a registered US patent attorney.