COVID-19 and Centralized Power


  • DATE / TIME:
    2020•07•02    16:00 - 17:00

    As COVID-19 has escalated into a pandemic, a political debate has been raging about whether autocracies or democracies are better at fighting epidemics.

    Professor Yuen Yuen Ang of the University of Michigan will join the UNU-WIDER Webinar Series on 2 July 2020 to discuss her article on China’s response to the pandemic. Prof. Ang will explain why this debate is misguided, and attempt to deliver a balanced account of how China has handled the COVID-19 outbreak, arguing that we must distinguish the impact of regime types from other factors on governments’ responses to the crisis.

    For more information, or to register to attend this webinar, see the seminar announcement on the UNU-WIDER website.