The End of Diplomacy?


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    2013•05•02    12:30 - 14:00

    In a recent column, New York Times columnist Roger Cohen, discussing the diplomatic stalemate over Syria, argued that diplomacy is in its death throes. Others would say that it is only a certain type of diplomacy that is coming to an end. How has globalization affected diplomatic practices? What is the role of the foreign mission in this new environment? Are we shifting from “club” to “network” diplomacy?

    The recently released Oxford Handbook of Modern Diplomacy (OHMD), edited by Andrew Cooper, Jorge Heine and Ramesh Thakur, is the most ambitious publishing venture in diplomatic studies today and addresses many of these critical questions. On the occasion of its publication, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to a panel discussion on the current state and future course of diplomacy.

    Panelists will be:

    • Jorge Heine, one of the co-editors of the OHMD, and CIGI Professor of Global Governance at the Balsillie School of International Affairs in Waterloo, Ontario;
    • Sadaaki Numata, Japan’s former Ambassador to Pakistan and Canada;
    • David Malone, Rector of the United Nations University and a contributor to the OHMD.

    The panel will be held at the United Nations University Headquarters on 2 May 2013 from 12:30–14:00; sandwiches and soft drinks will be offered.

    Kindly note that this event will take place in English only.

    If you would like to attend, please click on the REGISTER button above.

    A flyer with an order form for the book can be accessed under the “Related Files” tab or directly by clicking here.

  • Dr. Brendan Barrett, UN Office of Communications