UN at 75: Slow Death or a New Direction? (UNU-WIDER Annual Lecture)


  • DATE / TIME:
    2020•10•26    17:30 - 19:00

    As the United Nations celebrates its 75th anniversary, this UNU-WIDER Annual Lecture discusses whether the UN can reinvent itself, or whether it will sink into irrelevance?

    The UN is at a crossroads. Nationalistic governments across the world are rejecting multilateralism as means of addressing the problems that matter to their constituencies,and instead adopting aggressively transactional and competitive foreign policy agendas. This conflicts with the values on which the UN was built, and which Member States have pledged to uphold. With its voice and impact thus muted, some question whether the UNhas an effective future.

    Even beyond the noise of this political debate, global issues have born downe on us. Climate change and a pandemic are stark reminders that whatever national politicians claim, multilateralism is essential if we are to find global solutions to the crises that don’t respect borders.

    Can the UN find the like-minded allies it needs to take up this new agenda? Can the UN build alliances with younger citizens, businesses, and civil society, and challenge the dangerous new national orthodoxies that are threatening all of us?

    These are the questions that Lord Mark Malloch-Brown will address in the 2020 WIDER Annual Lecture. The lecture will take place live online on 26 October 2020 (17:30-10:00, UCT+2).

    The lecturer, Mark Malloch‐Brown, currently Co-chairs The UN Foundation and the International Crisis Group and is on the advisory committees to the heads of IMF and UNICEF. Prior positions include UN Deputy Secretary‐General and Chief of Staff under Kofi Annan, Administrator of UNDP, Minister of State in the UK Foreign Office, and Vice-Chairman of the World Economic Forum.

    For more information or to register to participate in the online 2020 WIDER Annual Lecture, please visit the annual lecture announcement page on the UNU-WIDER website.