World Rankings of Think-Tanks with Dr. James G. McGann

  • DATE / TIME:
    New York

    The United Nations University Office at the UN, New York organized a discussion with Dr. James G. McGann, Director of Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program and assistant director of the International Relations Program at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. McGann is also a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute.

    As Professor McGann notes in an article written for Foreign Policy, think tanks, also called governments in waiting, are needed by leaders around the world to provide independent analysis, help set policy agendas, and bridge the gap between academia and policy-making. Professor McGann discussed his recent work on a comprehensive ranking of the world’s top think tanks, which serves as an insider’s guide to the more 6500 think tanks around the globe. Dr. McGann is currently working on a book on Global Think Tanks, Policy Networks and Governance due out later this year (Routledge, Global Institutions Series).