Free and open-source health management information systems


  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•03•22    09:30 - 2012•03•23    18:00

    Workshop: How to get started with a free and open-source HMIS in a resource-limited environment

    This workshop on health management information systems (HMIS) will be presented by Dr. Chris Larsen of synaLinQ.

    About the lecturer

    Chris Larsen is Member of the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine, and Associated Fellow of its Faculty of Travel Medicine. He holds board positions with HIV-related scientific associations in Purdue and Stanford (USA), is a faculty member of the Caribbean Cytometry & Analytical Societymand a memberp of the Bika Health Foundation in South Africa and GNU Solidario in South America.

    Chris has over 17 years of clinical and programme management experience in resource-limited settings in South East and Central Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. He remains highly active in primary healthcare, rural and remote medicine and infectious diseases. clinical staff development and total quality management, with a special interest in laboratory services.

    In 2005, Chris founded synaLinQ, a consulting firm to assist those in need of truly sustainable, practical solutions in health system strengthening; intermediate energy, water, sanitation and waste management technology; and information and communication technology.

    For more information, including a tentative agenda of the event, please visit the  event page on the UNU-IIST website.