Where is Global Health Heading?


  • DATE / TIME:
    2011•02•22    13:15 - 14:45
    New York

    Threats to sustainable global health include poverty and inequality, rising vulnerability diseases and natural hazards, water and sanitation issues, uncontrolled urbanization, marginalization of rural populations, unsafe living conditions, and lack of health infrastructure. Most importantly, there is a severe lack of human capacity building programmes for the health sector critical to achieving reasonable health indicators in developing countries. This can be attributed to policy restrictions, migration of healthcare workers, and constraints in finance, infrastructure and expertise.

    At the same time, the environment continues to be an important contributing factor to disease and mortality, where 23% of all deaths globally can be attributed to environmental risk factors like sanitation, disease vectors, accidents and air pollution. Among children, they account for up to 36% of global deaths. On a global scale, the greatest threats to health from environmental change and modifications, which are yet to be realized, have to be those related to climate change.

    Case-mix or DRGs is a disease classification system with the objective of creating mutually exclusive, clinically meaningful categories of cases with similar resource utilization. The system has been used as a tool to enhance the quality and efficiency of health care services in many developed countries. Case-mix has the reputation as an effective and efficient tool for providing payment for health financing schemes. The use of case-mix system in resource-challenged countries is erratic due to the lack of awareness among health decision makers, low technical capacity and inaccessibility to low cost and reliable case-mix groupers.


    Role of UNU-IIGH in Capacity Building for Global Health by Dr. Mohamed Salleh Mohamed Yasin, Director, UNU­IIGH

    New Case‐Mix System Tool for Sustainable Health Financing in Developing Countries by Prof. Syed Mohamed Aljunid, Senior Research Fellow, UNU­IIGH

    Environmental Impacts and Climate Change Mitigation for Global Health by Prof. Jamal Hisham Hashim, Research Fellow, UNU-IIGH


    Jean-Marc Coicaud

    Director, UNU Office at the UN, New York

  • Conference Room 6, Temporary North Lawn Building, United Nations Headquarters, New York