How Enemies Become Friends: The Sources of Stable Peace

  • DATE / TIME:
    2010•06•10    13:15 - 14:30
    New York

    Charles Kupchan will draw on his new book, How Enemies Become Friends: The Sources of Stable Peace, to explore the pathways through which nations escape geopolitical competition and turn enmity into amity.

    He will contend that engagement with rivals, far from being appeasement, is critical to rapprochement between adversaries; under the right circumstances, concessions are courageous investments in the mutual trust needed to build international society. Moreover, the nature of regimes and economic interdependence matter much less than commonly presumed. Countries should deal with other states based on their foreign policy behavior; diplomacy, not trade, is the currency of peace.

    Kupchan will discuss the lessons of his book for the Obama administration and its ongoing efforts to pursue diplomacy with various regimes.

  • Conference Room E, Temporary North Lawn Building (TNLB), UN Headquarters, New York