University-led Development

  • DATE / TIME:
    2014•05•30    09:00 - 18:00

    On 30 May, UNU-IAS and the National University of Malaysia will organize the 8th International Conference of the UN-CECAR research network in Bangi, Malaysia, on the topic of University-led Development.

    The conference will explore the role of universities in bringing about rapid and sustainable development, aiming to contribute to international initiatives including the 7th World Water Forum and the World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction. It will address how emerging water and land use issues and challenges and increasing urbanization can be handled and sustained in the face of challenges brought about by increasing and intensifying disasters and changing climate. In this context, it will focus on the critical role of higher education in the innovation, policymaking and development that is critical in adapting to uncertain future scenarios.

    Through case studies from UN-CECAR member countries in Asia-Pacific region, the conference will consider several different perspectives on the role of universities:

    • catalytic,
    • integrating,
    • advising,
    • educating,
    • researching, and
    • customizing global knowledge.

    In conjunction with the conference, UN-CECAR will also organize its 8th Strategic Planning Workshop on 31 May – 1 June 2014 in Malacca, Malaysia.

    For more information on the conference and workshop, please visit the UN-CECAR website.

    About UN-CECAR

    Established in 2009, the University Network for Climate and Ecosystems Change Adaptation Research (UN-CECAR) is a network of universities and organizations in the Asia-Pacific and Africa for developing research and education programmes focused on climate change and ecosystems change, and sustainability science. The network aims to brings together the best resources and expertise in joint research for the design of appropriate policy and development strategies, and development of postgraduate education courses and training across disciplinary lines. UNU-IAS acts as the Secretariat for UN-CECAR, and develops and coordinates activities on behalf of the network members.

  • Conference Room, Faculty of Science and Technology
    National University of Malaysia
    Bangi, Selangor