Messages from Japan: UN Day 2011 in Sendai

  • DATE / TIME:
    2011•10•24    09:00 - 17:00

    In commemoration of the entry into force of the United Nations Charter on 24 October 1945, UN Day is celebrated around the world on that day. This year, UN agencies in Japan, in close partnership with Tohoku University, have decided to celebrate UN Day under the theme “Recovery and Regeneration from the Great Tohoku Earthquake: Messages from Tohoku to the World.” The event will take place at Kawauchi Hagi Hall, Tohoku University, in Sendai on Monday, 24 October 2011.

    Challenges faced by Japan after the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake of 11 March are not unique to the Tohoku region or to the nation. Sharing the extraordinary life experience and lessons learned from Tohoku could contribute to future disaster prevention and relief efforts at the international level. In “UN Day at Tohoku University,” we will compare the experiences of the disaster-affected areas with experiences from other UN disaster relief operations with the hope of drawing some lessons that can be shared globally.

    The full-day event will examine the experiences since “3/11” from multiple perspectives. In the morning  sessions, Tohoku University, Kobe University and private sector representatives will report on their efforts for disaster prevention and reconstruction. In the afternoon sessions, representatives from NGOs, the Japanese Trade Union Confederation, local government, and UN entities in Japan that collaborated in disaster relief activities will discuss the significance of partnership in such efforts. Student-volunteers who participated in the disaster relief activities also will share their experiences. Good practices, including a declaration from the youth, will be drawn out of these discussions to be shared globally.

    UNU is pleased to participate in the event and share UNU expertise in disaster management and risk reduction. Look for our exhibition booth inside Hagi Hall.

    Please join us at this exciting event co-hosted by Tohoku University and the UN entities in Japan on UN Day 2011, to help spread messages from Tohoku to the world!

    Details and updates about this event in Japanese from the UN Information Centre (UNIC) and on the UNIC Tokyo Facebook page. For further information in English please call UNIC Tokyo, 03- 5467 -4451, or post a question on the Facebook page.

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