Think Development — Think WIDER

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    2018•09•13    08:30 - 2018•09•15    18:30

    For more than 30 years, the UNU World Institute for Development (UNU-WIDER) has been associated with some of the most advanced thinking in development economics. Beginning in 2009, UNU-WIDER embarked on what has proven to be its most ambitious work programmes yet. Poverty, inequality, economic transformation, development finance, climate change, gender, food security, and many other topics have been featured in its activities, resulting in some 2,000+ publications ranging across these areas of research focus.

    The overall volume of work has tripled, with activities and conferences now ongoing across the globe. The institute’s international development conferences provide a major platform for the exchange of ideas and calls for action. It has actively promoted the work of both early career academics and senior researchers spanning the developing world.

    The conference, “Think Development — Think WIDER”, will showcase UNU-WIDER, its work, and the many people and institutions that are engaged with it. The conference will hold panel discussions on all of the main themes and findings of UNU-WIDER’s research during the 2009–2018 period. Join us in Helsinki on 13–15 September 2018. Registration for the conference will open mid-August.

    For more information, see the event announcement on the UNU-WIDER website.