The Satoyama Initiative and the green economy


  • DATE / TIME:
    Rio de Janeiro

    Rio+20 side event: “The Satoyama Initiative and the green economy”

    The Satoyama Initiative is a comprehensive effort to benefit biodiversity and human well-being by promoting the conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in human-influenced natural environments, or socio-ecological production landscapes (SEPLs), that found all around the world.

    During this side event, there will be presentations by leading experts and an in-depth panel discussion examining the effectiveness and usefulness of the Satoyama Initiative, with particular emphasis on the development of new business models based on sustainable land use. The event will be enriched by a broad spectrum of presenters with long careers in a variety of areas; they will draw on a wealth of work experience. In conclusion, there will be a discussion of how the Satoyama Initiative can further contribute to a green economy.

    For more information see the event page on the UNU-IAS website.