Symposium on higher education for sustainable development in Africa

  • DATE / TIME:
    2011•10•13    10:00 - 18:00

    The International Symposium on The Role of Higher Education for Sustainable Development in Africa will report on three inititatives to help African universities develop postgraduate education programmes for sustainable development.

    As the world begins to approach the terminal years of two important international initiatives — the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2014), and the UN Millennium Development Goals (2015) — Africa is receiving more and more attention because of the multitudinous and deep-rooted challenges it faces for achieving sustainable development. There is an emerging consensus that African countries need to build up their capacities to cope with these challenges and that, for this purpose, African higher education institutions need to drastically improve their own educational programmes and associated research facilities for turning out future generations of professionals.

    Since October 2008, the United Nations University Institute for Sustainability and Peace (UNU-ISP) has teamed up with a number of leading African universities to develop a postgraduate education programme for sustainable development in Africa. This effort, supported by the Japanese Government, UNEP, UN-HABITAT and UNESCO as well as selected Japanese and Northern European universities, has culminated in the formulation of three thematic programmes: “integrated rural development”, “sustainable urban development” and “management of mineral resources”.

    This International Symposium on The Role of Higher Education for Sustainable Development in Africa aims at reporting on and sharing the principal features of these programmes, and discussing ways to help the African partner universities implement them. Some 20 experts from African universities, including four university presidents, as well as leading personalities from universities in developed countries and international organizations will exchange views on innovative ways to achieve sustainable development in Africa through higher education.

    The conference is free and open to the public. Japanese/English interpretation will be provided.

    For more information, see the event page on the UNU-ISP website.

  • U Thant International Conference Hall
    UNU Headquarters, Tokyo