Southern Engines of Global Growth – Book Launch

  • DATE / TIME:
    2010•09•14    10:00 - 12:00
    New York

    China, India, Brazil, and South Africa are reshaping the world economy. These Southern Engines countries have experienced a dramatic transformation in their productive and trade capabilities, consequently turning into global super powers. The current age of globalization, in which the Southern Engines have a primary role, faces a mixed set of interconnections wherein countries and economic agents are linked closely together by trade in goods and services, flows of capital, and movements of talent and skills. Much has been written about the spectacular performance of the Asian Giants, China and India. Arising from a UNU-WIDER research project, this collection goes further by studying the substantial contribution of other large emerging countries such as Brazil and South Africa. Using a wealth of data, as well as case studies, the book provides a detailed history review of industrialization and economic development. The volume explores the foundations of the Southern Engines development experiences, and how these could provide resourceful lessons to the developing world. Additionally, the foremost patterns of international politics and governance are dealt with by leading scholars, who critically assess how the Southern Engines have contributed to rebalance geopolitics. This volume is a stand alone reference for researchers and policy makers concerned with international development and global governance. The studies jointly provide valuable insights for other developing countries in the pursuit of sustainable growth and forward looking development strategies.

  • Conference Room A, Temporary North Lawn Building, UN Headquarters, New York