Software research towards future eGovernment

  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•06•01    11:00 - 12:00

    UNU-IIST Seminar

    Future eGovernment will have to keep pace with rapid technology development while responding to social and economic changes. This seminar will outline two research areas in computer and software engineering that will have a major influence on the future eGovernment: multimedia and virtual reality (i.e., defining new ways for man-computer interaction) and network-based cooperation (which covers (i) cooperation between organizations (service-oriented architecture), (ii) cooperation between organizations and engineers (cloud computing), (iii) cooperation between people (social networks) and (iv) cooperation between devices (the “Internet of things”)).

    Both areas are pursued by the Department of Information Technology, Faculty of Informatics and Electronic Economy, Poznań University of Economics. In this seminar, Prof. Wojciech Cellary will explain some research problems investigated by the department in these areas, and describe the results obtained to date.

    About the speaker

    Wojciech Cellary holds MSc, PhD and DrHab degrees from the Technical University of Poznań. He received the title of Professor in 1989, and in 1996 joined the Poznań University of Economics where he currently heads the Department of Information Technology. He has been a visiting professor at a number of European universities and has been the leader of numerous research and industrial projects on the development of hardware and software of computer systems and their applications in telecommunications, the computer industry, the electric power industry, education and administration. Prof. Cellary teaches courses on Electronic Business both in Polish and English at the Poznań University of Economics.

    For more information please see the UNU-IIST seminar page.