Seminar: Dynamics of conflict, violence and development

  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•01•19    12:30 - 13:30

    Joint MSM-MGSOG-UNU Merit Seminar: A Micro-Level Perspective on the Dynamics of Conflict, Violence and Development

    Featured speaker: Patricia Justino, Research Fellow, Institute of Development Studies, Brighton, UK

    The main objective of this presentation is to review the state of the art of emerging literature on the dynamics of conflict, violence and development from a micro-level perspective. The aim is to systematically identify potential channels of transmission between war and development that may explain the persistence of cycles of war and underdevelopment.

    A particular focus of the presentation is the notion of individual (and group) agency during civil wars, as well as agency constraints – due to norms and institutions that may emerge during civil wars – faced by populations affected by violence. Although the outbreak and impact of war is known to depend on several financial and political factors, the onset, duration and magnitude of the impact of civil wars are also closely related to what happens to people during violent conflicts and to what people do in areas of violence – including fighting – to secure livelihoods, economic survival, physical security and their social networks.

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