Organizing information, regulating communication

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•06•21 - 2012•06•22

    EU-Maghreb exchange between judges and journalists: “Organizing information, regulating communication”

    This two-day meeting, between some twenty judges and journalists from different countries on both shores of the Mediterranean (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Italy, France and Spain), offers an opportunity to discuss different ethical principles in relation to the social control function of public authorities, including the judiciary. The exchange, which will be carried out in the form of a debate and discussion, will posit the political dimensions of the relationship between information and communication, the conditions of acceptance and negotiation, and regulation of the spheres of responsibility of journalist and judges in different societies, which may involve different interpretations — and hence misunderstandings in communication.

    Individual sessions will be organized around different main themes, with each guest participant presenting a brief paper on one of the subjects proposed. The aim is to discuss and compare the concerns, misgivings and good practices of journalists and judges in performing their professional duties, and to identify bridges and connections fostering complementarity of functions (in particular, in situations of political transition or contexts where universal criteria become references for the treatment of basic rights, whether it is the right to information or the right to good-quality justice).

    The working language of this event is French.

    A bilingual French–English publication will present a general report of the meeting, highlighting the content of the debates and the most revealing aspects of the discussions. An electronic version will be made available on the Barcelona Center of International Affairs (CIDOB) website.