Mobilization of knowledge in the information age

  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•04•24    20:00 - 2012•04•28    00:00

    Each year, billions of dollars are spent worldwide advancing knowledge in areas of public interest ranging from health and the environment to education and agriculture. Yet much of the information generated fails to reach many of those who could benefit, whether policymakers or the general public.

    How to better mobilize knowledge and maximize its usefulness is the focus of 60 experts from 20 countries and spanning a score of disciplines, convened by the Canada-based UNU Institute for Water, Environment and Health. This meeting, dubbed the K* Conference, will be held in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada from 24–28 April.

    Worldwide a growing number of individuals and organizations work in the fields collectively given the acronym K*, embracing knowledge mobilization (KM), knowledge translation and transfer (KTT), knowledge brokering (KB), and knowledge adoption (KA), among other terms.

    They work to, for example, help practitioners in one sector to become aware of relevant work going on elsewhere, assist international donors who find it difficult to assess the policy impact of their research funding, or support policymakers who need access to authoritative resources for decisionmaking

    The K* Conference conference is designed as a forum for sharing ideas and practices to broker knowledge effectively, to air a variety of perspectives on knowledge management, and to lay the foundation for future work, including establishment of a global community of interested parties and mechanisms to sustain it. The conference will create a legacy document that captures ideas on reducing the gulf between knowledge and action.

    More information, including a conference schedule and programme booklet, is available on the K* Conference page on the UNU-INWEH website.

    Those who wish to follow and participate in the conference online should go to the K* Conference Follow and Participate to register and receive a link to the WebEx webcast.