International Migration in the Age of Crisis and Globalization – Book Launch

  • DATE / TIME:
    2010•10•12    13:15 - 14:45
    New York

    The United Nations University Office at the UN, New York (UNU-ONY) is showcasing the launch of Dr Andrés Solimano’s recent book, International Migration in the Age of Globalization, published by Cambridge University Press.

    The book, combining theory, historical background and empirical evidence, examines the relationship between international migration and development and its impact for source and destination countries, as well as for the global economy. Dr Andrés Solimano, the current Chairman of the International Center of Globalization and Development (CIGLOB), will provide insights into important global debates on migration in the age of globalization, the relationship between global capital and global labor markets, and the international mobility of talent. He will also touch upon topics such as the relationship between migration, growth and inequality, and migration from and to Latin America.

  • Conference Room 6, Temporary North Lawn Building UN Headquarters, New York