Food Systems and Health in Sub-Saharan Africa


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  • DATE / TIME:
    2010•11•12    13:15 - 14:45
    New York

    This particular event will focus on the most important interactions between food systems and human health, along with suggestions about policy priorities for African food systems that would improve human health.

    The presentation will provide evidence of the potential health and nutrition gains from collaborative action by researchers, policy-makers and program implementers in the health and food sectors. It will be shown, preambulatorily, that the lack of reciprocal discourse between the worlds of research and policy implementation are harmful to health and nutrition, and it will be argued that tearing down the communication barriers between the two sectors would strengthen both sectors and make research, policies and programs more effective in solving both food and health-related problems.

    The presentation will largely be based on a newly published book, “The African Food System and its Interactions with Human Health”, edited by Professor Per Pinstrup-Andersen. Cornell University Press, published in collaboration with the United Nations University.

  • Conference Room 7, Temporary North Lawn Building (TNLB) UN Headquarters, New York