Earth System Governance Conference: Complex Architectures, Multiple Agents


  • DATE / TIME:
    2013•01•28 - 2013•01•31

    The Tokyo Conference on Earth System Governance will be held on 28-31 January 2013 at the United Nations University (UNU) Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

    This event is part of the global conference series organized by the Earth System Governance Project, a ten-year research programme under the auspices of the International Human Dimensions Programme on Global Environmental Change (IHDP). This conference will be the fourth in a global series organized by the Earth System Governance Project. The Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference will be jointly hosted by the United Nations University Institute of Advanced Studies (UNU-IAS), the International Environmental Governance Architecture Research Group and the Tokyo Institute of Technology on behalf of the Earth System Governance Project.

    The Earth System Governance Project is the largest social science research network in the area of governance and global environmental change. It explores political solutions and novel, more effective governance systems for coping with the current transitions in the earth′s ecosystems.

    The five conference themes that will be:

    1. Earth System Governance Architectures in the 21st Century
    2. Climate and Energy Governance Architectures
    3. The Nexus between Architecture and the other “A’s” in Earth System Governance
    4. Political Dynamics in the Interface of Agency and Architecture
    5. Methodological Challenges to Complex Architectures and Multiple Agents
    6. Special Conference Stream on Nuclear Safety and Post-disaster Governance

    For more information and updates, see the Save the Date: Earth System Governance Tokyo Conference page on the UNU-IAS website.