Culture and power in contexts of migrancy

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•06•28 - 2012•06•29

    Conference: “Displacement, resistance, representation: Culture and power in contexts of migrancy”

    The Centre for the Study of Migration at Queen Mary, University of London, together with the United Nations University International Institute for the Alliance of Civilizations (UNU-IIAOC) is pleased to announce its annual Centre conference. This conference will focus on the role of cultural representation in negotiating and resisting displacement. Papers will offer important theoretical and comparative insights, covering a range of geopolitical contexts and diverse experiences of displacements and migrancy.

    The conference title is “Displacement, resistance, representation: Culture and power in contexts of migrancy”. There will be a total of eighteen people involved in this conference, including two keynote lecturers (Prof. John Halaka, San Diego University, and Dr. Luis Cabrera, University of Birmingham) and two artist-presentaters (Prof. John Halaka and Taey Iohe). It is expected that selected papers will be published in revised and extended form in Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture in Autumn/Winter 2013.

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