Arab development challenges

  • DATE / TIME:
    2012•06•12    15:00 - 16:30

    Risk and uncertainty series lecture: “Arab Development Challenges Report 2011: Towards the developmental state in the Arab region”

    This lecture series (co-organized by UNU-EHS and ZEF) addresses opportunities, risks and uncertainties for development. Uncertainty — i.e., the unknown unknowns — is a particular challenge.

    Risk and uncertainty have become a focal topic among development researchers, policymakers and practitioners as, worldwide, economy and ecology have been assailed by a series of global crises: financial crises, high and volatile food and oil prices, climate change, etc.. These crises present threats to development and to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). The understanding, mitigation and control of risk and uncertainty is far from being understood. The seminar series provides a forum for agenda setting and discussion on related themes with leading experts in this field of research and policy.

    The topic of this lecture is the UNDP “Arab Development Challenges Report 2011”.

    For more information, please see the seminar page on the UNU-EHS website.

    About the speakers

    Noha al-Mikawy is a representative for the Ford Foundation’s Middle East and North Africa office in Cairo, Egypt. Her work concentrates on issues of equity, inclusion and civic engagement by supporting transparency, integrity and accountability; social, economic and cultural rights; creative arts; media; and higher education.

    Mohammad Pournik is the Poverty Practice Leader at the UNDP Regional Centre for Arab States in Cairo. He is responsible for provision of advisory services in economic and social policy, human development and MDGs, inter-alia through production and dissemination of knowledge products. His areas of expertise are political economy of development, project management, assessing development results, community driven development, heterodox macroeconomics and micro-finance.