Ainius Lašas

Ainius Lašas is a Japan Society for the Promotion of Science United Nations University (JSPS-UNU) Postdoctoral Fellow. He received his interdisciplinary Ph.D. and an MPA at the University of Washington, Seattle. He also holds an MA in mass communication from Vilnius University, Lithuania.
His research interests focus on the role of history and emotions in international relations. His postdoctoral project explores the dynamics of Kosovo – Euro-Atlantic relations, which led to the recent declaration of Kosovo independence. He is the author of European Union and NATO Expansion: Central and Eastern Europe (Palgrave 2010). He has also published in the Journal of European Public Policy, East European Politics and Societies and the Journal of Baltic Studies. He is a co-author of Continuity and Change in the Baltic Sea Region: Comparing Foreign Policies (Rodopi 2008).